Ground Resistance Testing

CCI now offers Ground Resistance Testing!

We now have five electricians certified in AEMC ground resistance testing! Along with the certifications, CCI has purchased a new AEMC Megometer capable of printing testing results for our customers! Call our office for a proposal of your Ground Resistance Testing needs! 501-753-1940

Why do you need Ground Resistance Testing?

 Good grounding is more important than ever in today's rapidly changing world of technological advances. It can prevent costly damage and downtime due to service interruptions and inoperative surge protections caused by poor grounds.

What is meant by Ground Resistance?

 The term "ground" is defined as a conducting connection by which a circuit or equipment is connected to the earth. A "ground" consists of a grounding connector, a bonding connector, its grounding electrode(s) and the soil in contact with the electrode.

Grounding systems offer protections from natural phenomenon such as lightning by channeling the lightning current to the ground, protecting personnel from injury and protecting system components from damage.

In electric power systems, with ground returns, grounds help ensure rapid operation of the protection relays by providing low resistance fault paths in the event of unexpected potentials due to faults.

Low ground resistance is required to meet NEC, OSHA and other electrical safety standards.

Systems that need ground testing 

  • To determined Soil Resistivity, Environmental Influence and Bond Resistance.
  • Cellular Tower Testing
  • Service Entrance or Meters
  • Pad Mount Transformers
  • Telephone Cabinets & Enclosures
  • Pedestal Grounds
  • Network Interface Device (NID) with a protector block
  • Overhead Telephone Distribution