CCI OF ARKANSAS has been providing network services since  we incorporated in 1995. Our staff, with a combined 75+ years in the communications industry, is ready to bring your phone and data network system up to speed with the rest of fast-paced business world.

There are many benefits to reviewing your current network and your current business needs for your network. With many of today’s office equipment integrating with your employee’s workstations, we can make your office run efficiently, smooth and easy to manage with quality products and correct installations.

Left: front side of panel  - Right: back side of same panel



Fiber installation and repair can be difficult to do correctly if you don’t have the right materials or training. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in new installations and repairs. Fusion splicing and OTDR testing is also available for certified 10gig fiber networks.

CCI has several vendor certifications allowing for extended warranties and/or lifetime warranties on our products and installations. These installations require certified technicians to ensure they qualify for  extended warranties. We maintain the training and certification levels of our staff, ensuring the original installation standards are maintained. All our systems are tested for assurance of quality.

Partnering with some of our local vendors, CCI can install quality Digital CCTV systems such as Honeywell in your office/business. These systems have a wide range of complexity depending on individual needs. These systems are more affordable than you may realize.

Our data division can customize a service contract to work within your needs and budget. This may also be combined with and electrical contract if needed.

With a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) on staff and BICSI certified technicians installing and upgrading your network, you can be sure your network will always perform at its best.