On our Archive Page we have provided an overview of past projects
from as far back as 2003 for you to review. 
For more current and upcoming projects, please visit our Current Portfolio Page.


Project TitleLocationSizeCompl.DurationGeneral Contractor
Wakefield Elementary - New Construction Little Rock 143K Oct-08 8 mo. Kullander Construction
Camp Robinson Warehouse #327 Camp Robinson 90K Oct-08 6 mo. Kullander Construction
Bureau of Legislative - Renovations Little Rock 10K Sep-08 2 mo Baldwin - Shell Construction
Fort Chaffee New Armory Fort Smith 28K Mar-08 1.5 mo. Military Department of Arkansas
Radiology Associates - MRI Suite Renv. Little Rock 48K Feb-08 4 mo. Kullander Construction
Crestwood Elementary - Addition & Renov. North LR 301K Jan-08 10 mo. Flynco, Inc.
J.A. Fair High School - Softball & Pole Lighting Little Rock 218K Jan-08 7 mo. Jack Morgan Construction
St. Edwards Catholic Church Little Rock 465K Nov-07 10 mo. Matson, Inc.
Fire Station #3 (new) Jacksonville 22K Sep-07 4 mo. Morris Beck Construction
Little Rock Central Historic Visitor Center Little Rock 389K Aug-07 14 mo. Noacon, Inc.
Asher Animal Clinic Little Rock 24K Aug-07 4 mo. AMR Construction
Chick-Fil-A (new) Restaurant Bryant 122K Jul-07 4 mo. Vantassel-Proctor
War Memorial NW Concourse Renovation Little Rock 32K Jul-07 4 mo. Bell Construction
Metropolitan Tower 8th Floor Renovation Little Rock 87K Jul-07 4 mo. Bell-Corley Construction
Camp Robinson Mail Distribution Camp Robinson 51K Jun-07 4 mo. Brown & Brown GC, LLC
Independence Hall & Troop Lighting Camp Robinson 67K Jun-07 3 mo. Military Dept. of Arkansas
Chappell Armory Storage Building  Camp Robinson 23K May-07 3 mo. Morris Beck Construction
Hi-Speed Industrial Little Rock 125K Dec-06 8 mo AMR Construction, Inc.
Nuvell Financial - UPS System Little Rock 97K Dec-06 2 mo. Nuvell Financial Services
Lloyd England Hall Renovations Camp Robinson 20K Nov-06 3 mo. D & H Construction, Inc.
Nuvell Financial - HVAC Upgrade Little Rock 38K Nov-06 1 mo. Nuvell Financial Services
Central High School HVAC Renovations Little Rock 42K Sep-06 4 mo Comfort Systems
Napa Auto Parts - New Cabot 49K Aug-06 6 mo. MDH Builders, Inc
Dover School District - Electrical for Fire Alarm Dover 69K Aug-06 2 mo. Powers of Arkansas
LRAFB Security Gates Jacksonville 96K May-06 6 mo. Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc.
LRAFB Dormitory 764 Remodel Jacksonville 518K Apr-06 10 mo. Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc.
UALR Ottenheimer Library Little Rock 321K Sep-05 10 mo. Kullander Construction
First United Methodist Church Benton 390K Sep-05 10 mo. Baldwin & Shell Construction
CR Bldg 6203 Automatic Transfer Switch Camp Robinson 92K Sep-05 9 mo. Murdock Enterprises, Inc.
Radiology Consultants Little Rock 32K Jul-05 2 mo. Baldwin & Shell Construction
Good Samaritan Cedar Lodge Hot Springs 70K Jun-05 6 mo. G.A.G. Builders
LRAFB Avionics Bldg. 104 Jacksonville 112K Jun-05 6 mo. Kullander Construction
High Speed Internet Access / Redo Electrical Camp Robinson 250K Mar-05 3 mo. Military Dept. of Arkansas
Calvary Baptist Church  Little Rock 271K Mar-05 9 mo. Baldwin & Shell Construction
Jones Elementary School  Little Rock 136K Jan-05 6 mo. Harrison Construction
UALR Core-Tech Classrooms Little Rock 123K Aug-04 3 mo. Lantrip Construction
Brady Elementary School  Little Rock 113K Aug-04 8 mo. J&D Construction
Mann Magnet Middle School  Little Rock 657K Apr-04 16 mo. Baldwin & Shell Construction


Project TitleLocationSizeCompl.DurationGeneral Contractor
Nuvell 1st-4th Floor Remodels Little Rock 277K Dec-08 3 mo Nuvell Financial Services
PEC Campus Fiber North LR 44K May-08 2 mo Military Dept of ARkansas
Fort Chaffee New Armory Fort Chaffee 33K Mar-08 1 mo Military Dept of Arkansas
Fort Chaffee ITPC Project Fort Chaffee 228K Jan-08 3 mo Military Dept of Arkansas
Camp Robinson AASF Infrastructure Proj North LR 259K Sep-07 6 mo Military Dept of Arkansas
Mineral Springs -6str Fiber, LAN Upgrade Mineral Springs 65K Sep-07 2 mo Mineral Springs School District
Jonesboro Cable and Switches Jonesboro 28K Aug-07 2 mo Jonesboro School District
Fort Chaffee ASP Phase II Fort Chaffee 105K Jul-07 3 mo Military Dept of Arkansas
Star City - Switches & UPS's Installed Star City 90K Jun-07 2 mo Star City School District
South Mississippi SD - Switches Installed Wilson 60K Apr-07 1 mo SMSD
Izard County - Building Cabling Brockwell 38K Feb-07 2 mo Izark County School District
Blind School Communications Little Rock 27K Jan-07 2 mo Arkansas School for the Blind
LRAFB Bldg 264 Fiber Jacksonville 40K Jul-06 3 mo Pojoaque Pueblo Construction
Hot Springs School District - Wireless Campus Hot Springs 267K Jul-06 4 mo Hot Springs School District
Nuvell 2nd Floor Fiber closets Little Rock 38K Mar-06 2 mo Nuvell Financial Services
UALR Fiber at Campus Parking Little Rock 30K Feb-06 1 mo University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Dewitt - Elementary Leviton System Dewitt 37K Sep-05 2 mo Dewitt School District
Fort Chaffee - Fiber Install Fort Chaffee 23K Mar-05 2 mo Miltiary Department of Arkansas
Camp Robinson High Speed Access North LR 250K Mar-05 Military Department of Arkansas
Methodist School - 12str Fiber Install Little Rock 26K Feb-05 2 mo Methodist School
Bald Knob - LAN Upgrade Bald Knob 60K Sep-04 3 mo Bald Knob School District
Paron School District - Infrastructure Upgrade Paron 17K Sep-03 1 mo Paron School District
Carlisle School - MM Fiber Install Carlisle 15K Sep-03 1 mo Carlisle School District
Malvern Elementary - New LAN Malvern 77K Aug-03 2 mo Malvern School District
Lennox - Cabling for CCTV Little Rock 15K Jul-03 1 mo Service Experts
Hot Springs School Dist - Video Surveillance Hot Springs 28K Jun-03 3 mo Petite & Petite Engineers
Nuvell - Jacksonville, FL Remodel Jacksonville, FL 327K Jun-03 3 mo Nuvell Financial Services
Southeast Arkansas Community College Pine Bluff 19K Apr-03 2 mo Southeast Arkansas Community College
Camp Robinson Phase V project Camp Rob 258K Mar-03 8 mo Military Department of Arkansas
Nuvell 1st & 4th Floor Renovations Little Rock 216K Jul-02 3 mo Nuvell Financial Services
Nuvell Renovation, Anaheim CA Anaheim, CA 24K May-02 1 mo Nuvell Financial Services